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Jonas Račas celebrates his 73rd birthday today. Congratulations !!!

Since 1993 The jubilee started work in the Association of Lithuanian land reclamation companies. 1994 was appointed as vice-chairman of the Association. From 2005 until 2009 and since 2022 until 2023 was the chairman of the association. While working in the Association, he paid particular attention to the issues of qualification of land reclamation specialists and certification of specialists and companies.

J. Račas was an active public figure: a member of the Lithuanian union of land management and hydrotechnical engineers council, Land reclamation companies and specialists certification commission, member of the editorial board of the Land management and hydrotechnical construction magazine, and the secretary of the LŽHIS professional knowledge inspection commission.

The jubilee is proud of her daughter Simona and son Karolis.

The Association of Lithuanian land reclamation companies thanks for many years of professional and sincere work. On the occasion of the birthday, we wish Jonas good health, a lot of personal happiness and success.

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