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About us

The Association of Lithuanian land reclamation companies with an independent management structure, consisting of 15 full-time employees, started functioning in 1991. November 1

The association currently unites 41 organizations.

Land reclamation companies, most of which are the Association members, have drained and cultured 2.6 million hectares of wet land for agricultural purpose, also have built 17 thousand kilometers of local roads and streets. They have constructed 750 dams of various sizes, about 500 pumping stations, 100 hydroelectric power plants and 2 thousand concrete and other bridges, a total of over 70 thousand various hydraulic structures. The individual members of the Association have built complex structures in highways and rail yards, large wastewater treatment facilities, have reconstructed engineering networks in some cities under difficult conditions and handled the quays of the Baltic Sea in Klaipeda Port.

One of our member is Vytautas Magnus university Agriculture academy Faculty of Engineering Department of Water Engineering 

Main directions of scientific activity:
  Durability studies of hydraulic and agricultural structures and materials.
  Investigations of the technical condition of hydraulic and agricultural structures.
  Physical and digital modelling of hydraulic processes.
  Application of Nano and other technologies in water management and construction processes.
  Development of rational local materials and constructions.
  Change of water balance elements, modelling of hydrological processes, drainage and irrigation systems.
  Management and sustainable use of water resources (hydropower, flood risk management, inland waterways, renovation of water bodies).
  Water pollution and measures to reduce it. Restoration of damaged aquatic ecosystems.
  Technical, technological and environmental impact assessment of water treatment processes.
  Research on technologies for closed-loop fisheries.

Association member-design companies design:

  • melioration structures;

  • hydrotechnical structures;

  • engineering networks;

  • sewage treatment plant;

  • roads and bridges of local and regional significance;

  • streets;

  • landfills;

Association members - construction companies:

  • performs land drainage, reconstruction, maintenance and repair works of melioration structures;

  • constructs hydrotechnical structures for various purposes;

  • builds bridges, builds roads, streets, engineering networks (and trenchless);

  • builds and repairs railway tracks;

  • construction sewage treatment plant;

  • builds residential houses and non-residential buildings of various purposes;

  • performs work on immovable cultural assets;

  • manages landfills, performs recultivation and well-being of damaged lands;

  • carries out lake cleaning works.

Association members - construction industries or other companies with product production workshops produce:

  • downspouts;

  • gutters;

  • slope fixing plates;

  • bridges,culverts,wells,elements of well-being;

  • products for livestock farms;

  • foundation blocks;

  • lintel;

  • elements for telecommunications;

  • non-standard products;

  • certified concrete and asphalt of various brands;

  • plastic and glued wood windows and doors;

  • wooden windows covered with aluminum;

  • plastic pipes;

  • regulated drainage systems.

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