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Entry procedure

I. General part.


Members of the association can be reclamation, construction, industrial, agricultural, design and other business enterprises, scientific institutions of the Republic of Lithuania and other countries that recognize the association's statutes. They can be members of several associations.


II. Procedure for admission to association members.


  1. Managers of companies that are candidates for membership of the association shall submit their application for admission to the membership of the Association of Lithuanian Reclamation Companies in writing to the chairman of the association.

  2. The chairman of the association submits the received statements for consideration to the meeting of the association's members, which is convened at least twice a year. The applicant is also invited to the meeting.

  3. The decision of the meeting of the members of the association on the admission of the company to the membership of the association is valid if more than half of the members of the association participated in it. The decision is made by a simple majority.

  4. The chairman of the association informs the applicant verbally about the decisions made (if he did not attend the meeting) and the minutes of the meeting or its extract are sent to him in this regard.


III. Association membership fees.


  1. Association members pay the amount of the entrance fee (EUR) depending on the average number of employees of the company joining the association: up to 50 employees - 300 euros, over 50 - 600 euros

  2. To ensure the activity of the association, a membership fee is paid, the size of which depends on the company's gross income received before the planned year.

  3. If a member withdraws from the association or is expelled, funds and jointly acquired assets are not returned.

  4. Paid members' entrance fees, membership fees and target member's fees are recognized as expenses based on Article 29 of the Income Tax Law of the Republic of Lithuania (2001-12-20 No.IX-675): "the amount of entrance fees and members' fees, not exceeding 0, is deducted from income. The sum of 2 percent of income and targeted member contributions, not exceeding 0.2 percent of income, if these contributions, taxes and targeted contributions are paid to units whose activities are regulated by special laws and whose activity is not for profit, and the profits obtained cannot be allocated to their founders and/or shareholders and/or members".

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